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Gemstones or Shell Snap Buttons

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BEAUTIFUL 18mm Gemstones or Shell Snap Buttons, Ginger Snaps, Snap Charm, #BraceletCharms, Rhinestone Snaps

UNIQUE, Very pretty stones and shells

18mm Switchable Snap Buttons fir 18mm Snap Buttons. Each is different with varying tones and even color variations as is true with gemstones and shells. There WILL BE differences in the stones from those shown. Some may have more and some less variances in color and vein. Shell Snap is essentially flat; Gemstone styles are a rounded polished stone that rise up approx 1/8"-1/4"

Price per piece - DISCOUNTS FOR MULTIPLES These switchable snap button charms fit 18mm bases. These beautiful accents are perfect for snap button jewelry including bracelets, pendants, earrings, etc.